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2017 Whidbey Island Fair Premium List

** Changed from the printed version! Please check the online version of the premium book below for corrections and entry time verification.

Open Class Premium Book (Full 2.12MB)

4H Premium Book (Full 1.84MB)

All Fair Entries

Fair Location Map
Fairground ABC's - Arena Barn & Campground Rules
General Rules & Minimum Animal Health Requirements

4-H Division

Welcome 4-Hers, Leaders & Parents
** Superintendents abd Responsibilities
Fair & Entry Related Timeline
4-H Department Rules & Regulations

Department 101 - Family Living

Division A: Foods & Nutrition
Division B: Clothing
Division C: Needlework
Division D: Other Family Living

Department 102 - Expressive Arts & Mechanical Science

Division A: Applied Arts
Division B: Photography
Division C: Writing
Division D: Other Expressive Arts & Mechanical Sciences

Department 103 - Plant Sciences & Environmental

Division A: Plants & Environment
Division B: Gardening

Department 104 - Social Sciences & Educational Display

Division A: Social Science & Interdisciplinary
Division B: Educational Displays

Department 105 - Contests

Division A: Club Herdsmanship
Division B: Public Presentations
Division C: Judging Contests
Division D: Quiz Bowl
Division E: Performing Arts Contest
Division F: Home Ec. Contests
Division G: 4-H in Action
Division H: History Demonstrations
Division I: Round Robin Contest
Division J: Most Beautiful Animal Contest
Division K: Parade of Champions
Division L: 4-H Livestock Auction
Division M: Matched Pairs
Division N: FAB 14

Department 106 - Animal Science

Division A: Horse Showmanship
Division B: Performance Horse
Division C: Western Games
Division D: Beef
Division E: Dairy
Division F: Sheep
Division G: Swine
Division H: Goats
Division I: Poultry
Division J: Rabbits
Division K: Cavies
Division L: Dogs
Division M: Cats
Division N: Alpaca/ Llama

Open Class Division

Easy Entry
Open Class Superintendents
Open Class Entry Rules
Animal Pre-Entry Form

Department 201 - Home Economics

Division A: Food Preservation
Division B: Baked Goods
Division C: Needlework
Division D: Quilting
Division E: Sewing

Department 202 - Crafts & Hobbies

Division A: Fine Arts
Division B: Photography
Division C: Adult Arts & Crafts
Division D: Junior Arts & Crafts
Division E: Primary Arts & Crafts
Division F: Fiber Arts

Department 203 - Horticulture

Division A: Floral
Division B: Vegetables
Division C: Fruits
Division D: Herbs
Division E: Honey
Division F: Grains & Grasses

Department 204 - Agriculture

Division A: Vegetables
Division B: Fruits
Division C: Herbs
Division D: Honey
Division E: Grains & Grasses

Department 205 - Oenology & Zymurgy

Division A: Homemade Wine
Division B: Beer, Cider & Other

Department 206 - Educational Displays

Division A: Educational Displays

Department 207 - Contests & Other Activities

Division A: Fair Logo Design
Division B: Stick Horse Contest
Division C: Bunyon Buster Log Show
Division D: Parade
Division E: Passports
Division F: Lego™ Contest
Division G: Super 17 Challenge
Division H: Build a Birdhouse Contest
Division I: Fabulous 14 Challenge
Division J: Ag. Contests

Department 208 - Animals

Division A: Cavies
Division B: Sheep
Division C: Swine
Division D: Goats
Division E: Poultry
Division F: Rabbits
Division G: Cats